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I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. The worst fucking piece of shit website/app ever, Schoology is a website similar to Google Classroom. Unlike Google Classroom, Schoology is far worse, as it suffers from poor web design, servers that were most likely made from spit and leaves, being linked to PowerSchool (which is already a red flag) so assignments that were submitted are counted as failing or would fail to submit in the first place, and what the fuck were they thinking when they named this shit? Your brain thinks of pronouncing it as (School-OLOGY) but apparently it’s pronounced (School-OGY). What kind of drugs were the devs thinking when naming this, less making this spawn of Satan a thing. Seriously, Google Classroom was better than this shit, no fucking joke.
Teacher: Open up schoology because we are gonna learn shit that will probably not fucking matter because you won’t use it.
My brain: oh shit not Shitlogy please why didn’t we stay with Google Classroom
by AxolotlStudiosYT December 06, 2020

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It's a hotel. For broke people.
Man I stayed at a motel last time and it was total $#!t. The whole closet was full of rats and the bed sheets looked like if a woman had her period and the staff didn't even bother to clean it.
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by AxolotlStudiosYT June 02, 2019

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The (not so) secret key combo that every teen must know. Pressing Alt+F4 on an active window closes that window instantly, which is useful especially if you're on something you're not supposed to be on. It works on Windows and Linux, however on Mac, you must instead press command + Q, and if you use a Chromebook, the closest you will get to alt+f4 is Ctrl + Shift + Q, which logs you out if pressed two times.
Seriously, Alt+f4 can be a life saver, especially at class or if you have overprotective/strict parents that makes your house look like North Korea
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by AxolotlStudiosYT April 01, 2020

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Not a disease, wasn’t a disease, and never will be a disease. You are special no matter what.
Autism = A Unique Thinking Individual Strongly Matters
Line from cupcakKe’s rap song “A.U.T.I.S.M”
by AxolotlStudiosYT May 04, 2021

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The white circle thing on the ceiling that beeps whenever (1) someone who sucks at cooking tries to cook, or (2) if the batteries run out at 3 AM and you’re forced to hear that annoying chirping noise until you change the batteries
1. That bitch sucks at cooking, she set off the smoke detector the moment she turned on the stove.
by AxolotlStudiosYT June 15, 2021

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Something that makes HowToBasic orgasm. He's been banned from every supermarket because of this.
ATTENTION SHOPPERS: If you see a naked man masturbating in the egg department, please call the police. Thank you.
by AxolotlStudiosYT June 08, 2021

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