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A sexually deviant act, prevalent in the American Midwest, in which two crack-addicted prostitutes are simultaneously penetrated by a mounted pair of moose antlers (often involving double-penetration if the spread of the antler tines permit). Then, each prostitute drinks as much maple syrup as she is physically able. They then must cause themselves to vomit the syrup into the Stanley Cup, which is placed some feet away, all without causing the moose antlers to be 'coughed out' from their respective orifices. The prostitute who first scores a "basket" into the trophy with her maple-syrup vomit wins, and gets to live. The loser is killed and disposed of in a dumpster behind a truck stop. Note that coughing out her antler is grounds for disqualification.

This is most often performed on April 17th, in observance of the signing the Canada Act by Elizabeth II in 1982.
The congressman was indicted for his participation in Canada's history in a motel room off route 5.
by Archibald P. Fillibuster February 04, 2010

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