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A fan or player of soccer. Soccer is known as the beautiful game - more like the loser-ful sport. Foot Fairies commonly are assholes, and think soccer is the best sport in the world. However, when asked for their reasoning, a common response is, "It is the most popular in the world!" That doesn't make it the best, it just means there are alot of short, talentless idiots around the world.

Soccer takes no skill whatsoever. That is why the talentless Foot Fairies will flock to it. The only skills they possess are running and handling with the feet. However these skills can easily be coached by anyone to anyone.

Foot Fairies are often extremely ignorant about the introcacies of American football. They have a wide misconception that all of us are just barbarians who run into each other. The true opinion of someone who knows nothing about the sport. They have no knowledge of the strategy, thinking, planning and reacting that goes into it. Values not needed in soccer.

Overall, Foot Fairies are stuck up jackasses who think their sport is the best but can't back it up.
Friend: Why is that idiot over there such a douche bag?

Me: He's a Foot Fairy.
by Annoyed football beast March 11, 2011

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