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When getting a blowjob, and you're about to cum, your grab her by her ears and ram her mouth on your rod as hard as you can and not let her pull back off of it. Then blow your load so hard in her mouth that it comes out her nose and makes her look like an aggravated dragon.

For best results: no sex or mastrubation for at least 2 weeks.
Oh baby that feels so good, keep going
(girl: mm, yeah)
Oh, I'm gonna cum...
(girl: mmummm, LET GO!)
(girl: WTF, it's in my nose)
by Andy (G-Spot) May 02, 2005
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A group of 9+ retards, who make it their mission to abuse, exploit, embarass, belittle, ashame, intimidate, entertain themselves and others by doing the absolute dumbest shit known to man.Morons who like anything fast enough that they can do something stupid on or in. For further proof go to www.gspotmotorsports.com
"Hey Jimmy, you going to hang out with team "G"spot this weekend?"
" No! Those fuckers are crazy."
by Andy (G-Spot) May 02, 2005
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A place my face can call home
I went to the gspot for a late night snack.
by Andy (G-Spot) May 02, 2005
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