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An ifeminist is a REAL feminist that does NOT:
1. Turn to the government for help (unlike radical feminists)
2. Become a butch lesbian vegan hippie communist prude that hates men, and chastises one for being a heterosexual woman that likes men, looks pretty, and eats meat (unlike radical feminists)
3. Believe women are weak, helpless victims of patriarchy, and men are strong, powerful oppressors (unlike radical feminists)
4. Believe a "Big Bad Patriarchy" exists to systematically oppress women (unlike radical feminiss)
5. Turn horrible HUMAN problems like (for example) terrorism, war, rape and domestic violence into gender "women good, men bad" issues (unlike radical feminists)
6. Be intolerant of dissent from one's own political beliefs (umlike radical feminists)
7. By into fascist political correctness (unlike radical feminists)
8. Blindly agree with NOW, the Democratic Party, the Feminist Majority, Ms. Magazine, or any other PC leftist group or person on EVERY fucking issue without any knowledge on the issue in question (unlike radical feminists)
9. Believe guns, porn, etc. are inherently evil patriarchal tools of oppression (unlike radical feminiss)
10. Advocate hypocritical equality by preaching "tolerance" and then discuss how evil whites, heterosexuals, and/or men are (unlike radical feminists)
11. View well-thinking masculists as evil regressive enemies, not allies (unlike radical feminists)
12. Call capitalism oppressive patriarchal inequality and fascist communist and/or matriarchal societies peaceful and equal (unlike radical feminists)

The term, ifeminism, itself was coined by Wendy McElroy, editor of ifeminists.com. This word is short for, individualist/libertarian feminism, which is a tolerant, classically liberal, truthful, consistent, pro-masculist, pro-sex, pro-free market school of feminism. It very strongly differs from mainstream radical feminism (Which, actually, should rightly be called feminazism. The conservatives may have created the feminist stereotype, but radical feminists CERTAINLY have helped contribute to the formation of the stereotype).

Two notable ifeminists are Wendy McElroy and Cathy Young.
An ifeminist and a Radical Feminist:

Radical Feminist: Today is V-Day! That means that we need to bring the horrible problem of violence against WOMEN into perspective. It's wrong to commit violence against and hate someone on the basis of sex! (A man walks by and looks at her. She runs over and kicks him in the nads while laughing at him.) Ha ha! I LOVE to see those evil oppressors cower in pain!

ifeminist: "sigh" Here we go again... ANOTHER angry bull dyke showing off her blatant hypocrisy and intolerance and managing to ruin feminism's name in the process. Feminism's founders are probably spinning in their graves right now! V-Day is a hypocritical joke! NOW is a hypocritical joke! Do these women even realize WHY so many people aren't feminists and/or believe in the negative stereotype of feminism. It's the 21st century. It's time to show respect for masculism. It's time for REAL feminism to rise.
by Amazon ifeminist October 04, 2006

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