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Gold diggin' chicks with no respect for you or your relationship. They tend to suffer from "I'm all that," syndrome too. These types will use their sexin to suck you dry of brains and goal gains fellas.
No money no honey
You broke ass Mo' Fo'

min man
short man
Dumb ass
triflin nig'
Retard short rider
You don't do shit for me
You won't make it
Who's that bitch?
I saw you eying her down you cheatin Lo' you better watch what you do if you want me.
When the word "You" is spoken first it is a very selfish method of minipulating a situation to suite her own wants.
Woman: Yo' guys if your woman says any of these catch phrases to you in a day. She's using dumb bitch syndrome language.
by AlphDeltaWomanW/<3 December 31, 2009

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