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A community just north of the city of Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County. Mainly known as a truck stop and for a lake. The community includes several quaint cookie cutter homes, some friendly people, a detention center (jail), and (quiet neighborhoods with exception of a loud Freeway). Many people flock to this community because of its good schools, moderately priced semi-new homes, and also an opportunity to say that they “live in Santa Clarita”, when in fact they don’t.
Person 1: I just bought a home, escrow closes next week:
Person 2: Oh how nice! Where?
Person 1: Out toward Santa Clarita
Person 2: Ooooooh Really!!!???? Where abouts?
Person 1: (sigh) Castaic.
Person 2: Oh...well, that's nice.....I guess
by Alotta Nothin October 29, 2012
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