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Cho Seung-Hui the author of the Virginia Tech massacres has attained fame like no other, but now the youth organisations of 4chan and /b/ have given his name a quite moderate, but lifelike definition and coined the term "To Pull a Cho".

Cho: Person that takes rejection badly. (1)
17:53 <Madhatter> To take rejections badly "To pull a Cho"

Cho Seung-Hui: (2)

A second variation born from the excessive amounts of fps games that lead to scores with a KDR "Kill Death Ratio", ex. Counter Strike, it has become popular "To Pull A Cho Seung-Hui".

Cho Seung-Hui: To get a 31-1 KDR "To pull a Cho Seung-Hui"
When ever one reaches a 31-1 KDR in any situation one automatically is granted status as Cho Seung-Hui.
To Pull a Cho (1)

17:53 <Ceol> Early media reports also speculated that Cho was obsessed with fellow student Emily Hilscher and became enraged after his romantic overtures were rejected.
17:53 <Madhatter> Wanna go out?
17:53 <_fatchick_> No
17:53 <Arwing> You fucking Cho.

To Pull a Cho Seung-Hui (2)

17:56 <Madhatter> I was just playing Counter Strike and I got a Cho Seung-Hui after only 15 minutes... It was a noob fest.
17:54 <m00t> Nice. What do you want a cookie?
by Allan Petersen May 12, 2007

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