4 definitions by Alfie Purdie

A word made up a bunch of bullshitters from Germany that apparently means hello.
Your mum is a guchan stargen.🖕🏻👁👅👁🖕🏻
by Alfie Purdie August 18, 2017
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A meme that was funny at first but has been used over and over again, so it becomes not funny anymore.
Person 1: I hate Jake Paul memes they're just a bunch of overused memes.
Person 2: I totally agree.
by Alfie Purdie August 17, 2017
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A very rich and posh male child which normally has very good hair.
He met a scuthbert during the first class flight, from the way the scuthbert acted, he knew they were gonna have a terrible flight.
by Alfie Purdie August 15, 2017
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A posh and rich young male with excellent hair.
He met a scuthbert on the first class flight to dubai.
by Alfie Purdie August 15, 2017
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