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Anilah is a Sanskrit name for women. It means the wind. Its origin, is Indo-European Sanskrit. This name comes from India and it embodies the wind as its primordial element. The male counterpart of this name is "Anil".

Swift and gentle as the wind. Strong but invisible, its connection to the forces of nature and its expansiveness, is unseen but always felt.

Anilah is also the name of a musician from Canada who combines Indian style music (Bhimpalasi) along with the use of traditional Native American Indian instruments.
Anilah, swift as the wind. It speaks as the wind whispering through the trees; it comes and goes, and it goes and comes. Elemental as the unseen wind and it rustles the leaves and reaches the deep crevices of my soul.
by Alex785 July 11, 2018
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Nadya is a Palestinian name, it has its origin in the Arabic language (The Afro-Asiatic-Arabian language branch). It means "delicate". Delicate as a Flower but strong willed and determined. Like beautiful flowers that bloom in Winter.
Nadya is an older friend of mine, she is Palestinian and cooks amazing Palestinian rice with Halal minced beef. So yummy and extremely healthy.
by Alex785 June 16, 2019
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Alexiah or Aleksiyah is a name of ancient Hebrew and Indo European origin. It consists of word components from the Hebrew Yizraelite culture as well as partly of Indo European origin.

Hebrew: Aleh and iahu. Aleh means ascending, raising.

iah is the Hebrew abbreviation for God's sacred name, Jehovah. Yahuwah/Yehawah in Hebrew, iah is pronounced as "Yee-yah".

Ksi = root word is Indo European: Connecting, joining. Ksi is the bridge that connects "Aleh" and "iah"
Alexiah is a name of Hebrew, Greek, and Indo European origin. It has a deep meaning to it. Beside meaning protector/defender of humanity. It also means Ascending, connecting to God It connects the mortal with the Divine. It connects humanity with God
by Alex785 June 08, 2017
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Amen is a word of Hebrew origin. It means "let it be" or "May it be". The root word (Mahashoresh) for Amen is AMAN (faithful, trust worthy, reliable). Amen is a common Ethiopian name for boys too in the Amharic language.

Correct pronounciation is "AAH-MEN" not "EY-men".
Amen is a delightfully adorable 5 years old Ethiopian boy, he loves drawing and colouring, it is so much fun working with him and playing with him too. I love Amen.
by Alex785 June 16, 2019
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Aryatara means Noble Liberator.

A word composed from the languages such as Persian, Sanskrit (India), and Nepalese. This name Aryatara is Indo-European in origin. It has a beautiful meaning to it. Beside being the Noble Liberator, it means the Enlightened one. Noble wisdom, and Noble strength of mind, body and spirit.
Aryatara is a very lovely name for a girl.
by Alex785 July 12, 2018
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This name is from the Igbo speaking culture of West Africa. Chinedum (Chee--neh'--doom)

It means God is leading me. God is the real leader of all the faithful ones who trusts Him and trusts in His saving power. Just as surely as Jehovah God leads His people to the promised land, we must trust the Divine One and let Him be the guide and our Light in what takes lead in our lives.
Chinedum is a boy's name in the Igbo speaking culture, it means God is leading me.
by Alex785 November 22, 2018
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Barack comes from a Hebrew root word (Mahashoresh) meaning "Blessing". Barak can also mean "lightning" in Hebrew (such as Judge Barak during the time of Judges in ancient Israel). Correctly pronounced as "Baa-Raak", not "Bae-wreck". Hussein is an Arabic name, used in many countries such as in Africa, India, and the Middle East. Many in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore also uses the name "Hussein". Correctly pronounced as "Hoo-say-een". Hussein means handsome, comely, beautiful.
Barack Hussein Obama boldly speaks up for immigrants, foreigners, refugees, and ethnic minorities. He also speaks Behasa Indonesia, due to his growing up in Indonesia with his mom and step father.
by Alex785 August 12, 2019
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