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the best race in the world. both world war 1 and 2 were started by the serbs as they are fearless people that stand up for their rights. eg. did not convert to muslim after being conquered by turks, killing the austrian prince, standing up to nazis.
serbs are one of the fairest people in the world. serbs have never fucked anybody over. they dont want anybody elses land because they are happy with what they have. they have been fair to everyone and in the end they got stabbed in the back by the mother fucking croatians with the help of america and so on.

serbs are very attractive people too, especially the women and are very capable as displayed in the 2007 eurovision song contest and in tennis (novak djokovic, ana ivanovic, jelena jankovic etc..)

over all, if you hate serbs, you really must be a dickhead or just very jealous (eg. albanian, croatian...etc..)

i fuck all of the mothers of the serb haters, translation -
jebem vam mater svima ko nas mrze
they said serbs fought like legends, now they say legends fought like serbs
by Aleks Serbinator January 03, 2008
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