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1. The way you present yourself to society. Your style, or attitude.

2. A completely appalling stench radiating out of a hygienically neglected vagina.
(1.) "DAYUMMM.... Look at that nukkuh's swagga!

(2.) Guy 1: So, at that party last night, I got down with Christina.
Guy 2: And? You tap that?
Guy 1: Nah man, once I got her pants of, I was knocked back across the room by her insane swagga.
Guy 2: That's really fucking disgusting.
by Alcon April 19, 2010

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A rating within the Steam Gaming Community which represents your playing time within the past two weeks.

This representation is directly inverse to how much of a life you actually have. Whereas if your steam rating is 10 on steam, your real life rating is 0, to -8. Unfortunately, this is incredibly unbalanced, where as a 5 doesn't make you half cool online, and half cool offline; it only makes you half cool online, and still a dweeb in real life. A healthy steam rating is estimated to be at about 2, or 3; depending on your body mass, when obese; less is best.
E-Fag: DUDE!!!1! My Steam rating is 10!

Average Person: wtf is steam?

E-Fag: Gaming community; it's like mybook with real games!

Average Person: Who are you again?
by Alcon April 19, 2010

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