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Ice cream that comes in a tube. The old fashioned way of eating ice cream. Ice cream becomes more tasty when eaten from a spiral wrapped tube. Introduced on the west coast circa 1936. The tubes, which are filled at the factory, are provided with a tape permitting the tube to be torn as the ice cream is eaten. Inserted in a special waterproof compartment in bottom of tube is a small napkin permitting all traces of stickiness to be removed from the fingers.
Guy 1: Yo I'm really hungry for some ice cream in a tube. You got any?
Guy 2 & 3: Are you stupid? They don't make ice cream in a tube.
Guy 1: Uhhh... Yeah they do. I'm going to get some now.
Guy 2 & 3: Have fun!
Guy 1 comes back with a tube of ice cream: Yeah see... what did I tell you guys? You guys are the stupid ones now.
by Albus Grimley March 24, 2010
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