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The coolest, most interesting, and under-rated guitars made by the fender guitar company. Though not a guitar for the masses, like the telecaster or stratocaster, the jazzmaster is superior in so many aspects (tone, playability, design, versatility, etc.)

The jazzmaster has acquired a cult following proving that the instrument was only meant for only the coolest guitar players and collectors such as J Mascic (Dinosaur Jr.), Tom Verlaine (Television), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Belinda Butcher and Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), and other super talented guitarists.
A: Whoa, what is that amazing guitar that dude is wailing on?

B: That's a Jazzmaster, dude.

A: Nice!
by Alan Orth October 14, 2006

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Any type of fender jazzmaster guitar with upgrades or modifications that enhances the already superb sound of a stock jazzmaster.
This is commonly done by changing the soapbar pickups with Telecaster Deluxe humbuckers. Originally created by Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo around 1996. It was a 1966-1975 vintage sunburst jazzmaster, which was stolen in 1999. A new jazzblaster then had to be made.
A: Oh dude, Lee Ronaldo's jazzmaster sounds unreal. I've never...

B: Whoa dude, wait, first of all that not a jazzmaster. It's a jazzblaster.

A: Oh sh*t!
by Alan Orth October 14, 2006

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