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Made famous by Riff Raff the Rapper. The act of gingerly tip toeing in your beautiful crisp Air Jordans while the Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwdinz track plays in the background and completed by sharing it to some social network.
Dude 1: yo, you copped them new LeBrons?
dude 2: c'mon man, you know everywhere I go I'm only tip toe wing in my Jawwdinz!
by Al Vidal September 17, 2014
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Someone who lacks in skill or talent.
"Damn that dude can't hit a layup, he's staight up bumjuice."
by Al Vidal January 23, 2009
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to receive oral sex from a female
"That shorty got on her knees and gave me some amazing headwops."
by Al Vidal January 24, 2009
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See definition for wack. But add "as fuck" to it... beyond wack. Wackness level 10,000.
Dude: yo, you seen that Kanye speech where he was speaking that nonsense?
Dude 2: yeah that shit was wack AF
by Al Vidal September 01, 2016
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That one friend on your Facebook or Instagram feed that just constantly posts barely laughable memes once or multiple times a day. You probably haven't seen a picture of him or his family or anything other than what he copied from some other random person's page. Years later meme guy will regret ever posting that garbage and will wallow in his own depressive funk because of it. Watch out for meme guy.
Dude 1: "Yo, have you seen Garcia's Facebook lately? "
Dude 2: "I popped by the other day and apparently he's converted to a meme guy."
Dude 1: "What a douche right?"
by Al Vidal June 04, 2015
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