3 definitions by Akiiiiii

Misogyny but only towards white women
Sexists against only white women
Dude 1: I fucking hate white women so much

Dude2: bro why you gotta be like that

White women: *fucks dog*

Dude2: Yeah I'm whitesogny now
by Akiiiiii September 19, 2020
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A word to call an Indonesian person, or sometimes Indonesia.
Just like the word "nigga", the term isn't necessarily racist and is depending on the context given
1. All Indons should go to hell! (Racist)

2. I just met an Indon a few minutes ago (not racist)

3. Wow that guy is so dumb, just like Indon (racist)

4. One of my friend is from Indon (not racist)
by Akiiiiii December 16, 2018
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An insecure children who makes bad edit of her face with a foxy's face in it, and captioned the post "I am half me foxy" then post it on Google+
I am half me foxy
by Akiiiiii January 10, 2019
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