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A school in Henrico County, Virginia. The majority of Hermitage students live in Glen Allen and the west end of Richmond. Although it is known for its diversity, Hermitage is actually a fine institution with many excellent students. The school is extremely overcrowded with 2,300 students due to the lack of action taken by school board to correct this matter. Hermitage's colors are red and royal blue and their mascot is the "panther". Hermitage provides a great education to its students in a real world environment, unlike many other high schools in the area. Hermitage is known for their outstanding track and field program that is the best in the region, their marching band, that has been the Virginia Honor Band for 20 consecutive years, and their outstanding choral department which preforms throughout the area. All of the school's atheletics do well throughout the year and make the school proud.
The senior class of 2007 rules Hermitage High School, despite the junior attempts to outshine the seniors, although everybody else at Hermitage knows who really runs this school.

Juniors- "Just wait, till 08'!"
Seniors- "08- you can wait."

by Agent 007 December 17, 2006

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