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To smoke Marijuana; (most commonly used during the session) when quickly trying to reply to your friends where you are, on the phone.

To smoke the ganja like the tribes in Africa

To smoke an abundance of nug like its nothing

To be smoking like a warrior (from Africa commonly)
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Friend: Where you at?

You: I'm TRIBBiN lol

Friend: Aight hit me up when you come to the dorms.. haha
You: (No Reply) cuz its your hit ;)


(African Accent) I de be TRIIBiN in my house

You: Man we was TRIIBiN like mu'fakas, smoked over 4 g's
Friend: Dam nigga!!

You: Remember the time we decided to give up the herb?
Friend: Yea, haha brings back memories
You: we went all out we were monsters
Friend: yea we were goin African, smoking that TRIIB way

TRIIBiN created by Omar Bozkurt
by AfroTurk AfroTurk13 The Turk December 14, 2010
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