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Nigerian term (now expanding outside) used to describe Black Americans; Originally insulting (now becoming neutral), name given to black Americans/Nigerians who lack education, lack culture, are ignorant, dress too revealing or are "wayward"; Nigerian term that's similar to "Nigger". Sometimes used jokingly amongst Nigerians.
Parent: So you want to be an "Akata" and not go to school and have babies before you marry. Chyyy.... u are a DISGRACE!!!!

Girl: Look at you showing off all your "humps", dressin as if you have no respect.... AKATA!!

Boy: LOOK AT U! What is this rubbish english (LOL) u are speaking? Speaking as if u are an Akata!

Parent: Don't marry that Akata. He will cheat on you and make u forget about your people. Look at him.... wearing gold in his teeth while playing all that "jagga jagga" music in his motto... typical akata.
by Afro-man April 22, 2007
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