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1. Not knowing what to do or what is going on; oblivious
2. The act of disengaging while in the presence a conversation and then asking obvious questions after they have been answered multiple times.
3. Just not getting something that's simple and looking like an idiot.
4. Trying to guess what someone is talking about, then saying something that makes no sense and looking like an idiot.
-"So Mason, I got grounded big time for getting home late."
-"What? You had sex with an ape!?"
-"You're Pulling a Dustin"

-"Did you hear that Alex's car got wrecked and Alex got it fixed but it costed Alex a lot of money?"
-"Who's car? James's?"
-"Wow, you're so Pulling a Dustin"
by Adam C-dawg June 05, 2008
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