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Definition of every one who has commented on abercrombie in a negative way... Sad pathetic wastes of space who have nothing better to do and are so insecure about themselves that they have to bash others. Probably many have already been rejected from A&F and this has caused them to be bitter, i actually make a living, not much of one, but enough by working at abercrombie and thought you all might sleep easier at night knowing the staff do eat, we are not actually sticks and tiggs as one concerned author wrote. I hope you manage to find happiness other places than this little web site where you can validate your pathetic existance.
i work there... I eat, i socialise perfectly fine with "non abercrombie workers", i am from england and "topshop" isnt that great, infact i manage to live a full healthy life outside of abercrombie...maybe you all should try it!
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