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DKB is a highly toxic element that is mostly been contained in Asia but has been spread through ships to America. It usually resembles ragged leather and has a pungent stench that reeks of steaming raw bunghole. DKB stands for Dirty Korean Bunghole and is the third leading killer of Americans. It is only behind Nazis and Mung. Only barely in front of nigger moments. Even though horny white boys like to play with it, it is highly infectious and should be avoided at all costs. If you have come in contact with DKB please inform your local toxologists or poison control center. Thank you and watch out.
Mike died shortly after tapping Angie's DKB. Her shit was rank.

DKB usually results in severe cases of shitty dick and gonnorhea.
by AConcernedCitizen March 30, 2007
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