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When a man is about to climax (aka bust a nut) and ejaculate after recieving oral sex, he withdrawals his penis from his significant counterpart's mouth and tilt's their head so that their ear is lined up with the path in which the man's penis will secrete semen towards, and follows up with ejaculating in her counterpart's ear. Next, the man pulls out a Q-tip (cotton swab), which he keeps with him at all times, and throws it at his significant other's face and either a.) walks out of room and throws up a peace signing hand gesture or b.) yells, "Clean your ears, bitch," and procedes to evacuate the vicinity.
"Yo, I was Q-tipping mad bytches last night"
"That bytch was wildn' last night after I Q-tipped her"
by A-sizZ rollin deep November 01, 2006
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