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Basically a piece of shit who tries to pretend that everyone else is arrogant so they feel better about themselves. You can find working them at your local fast food restaurant, or sleeping in trashbags around back of it. They like to sleep outside the buildings that the valuable people to society work in. The worst stoners are the rich, privelidged kids who just smoke becuase they like the think they are "rebels" and "badass". They usually try to be new-age hippies who hate everything becuase they think that makes them look cool, and are not the "happy, peaceful" people they say they are. They're actually dirty, smelly, 99% of the time ugly, and take up hard earned money to pay for their welfare. They ruin the lives of the children they fail to parent, and in fact most stoners are the results of bad parenting. If you want the real definition of a stoner, see salt brah
Most of the stoners reading this will probably get angry, so they'll go smoke some more to deal with their problems. Then they'll come back and say that other people suck who are more successful than them and didn't smoke their lives away.
by A successful man November 20, 2005
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