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Find your kitchen sink. Until you find a purpose on this earth, give yourself a purpose. Stop feeling like you need to be a teenage prodigy. Pretend you’re confident until you are. It’s hard work to do this when you’re so used to cringing at the reflection in your mirror, but do it. Work at it. I assure you, your mentality will change. A year ago Id be saying that this drawing is really shitty compared to what other people can do. Today I’m saying, I’m a damn good artist and I’m going to keep practicing and keep getting better. It’s possible to find happiness, I assure you. To my fellow skeleton clique, and anyone else that may need it, stay alive |-/
I'm a kitchen sink,You don't know what that means
Because a kitchen sink to you Is not a kitchen sink to me, OK friend?
by A Kitchen Sink |-/ March 28, 2016
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