50 definitions by 50 shades of shit.

special category of male. they lure you in and play with your heart and your pussy. spreading the seed? that's the fuckboy philosophy. countless hearts have been needlesly broken. fuckboys will always be fuckboys so its up to the victims to identify them.

To identify a fuckboy, study the clothing. fuckboys wear nike or addidas shoes. they almost always wear sweatpants or tight pants or sports clothing. popular brands are, once again, addidas, nike, and also champion, vans, hurley, quicksilver etc. shirts come from these categories. fuckboys almost always use axe body spray and copious amounts of hair gel. you can literally smell it from like five fucking miles way. also, regarding hair, fuckboys have some form of undercut, meaning they look like fratboys or hitler youth. all fratboys are fuckboys but not all fuckboys are fratboys. furthermore, fuckboys tend to be of the white ethnicity and in their teens to early 20s. common fuckboy names are chad chase blake justin and austin. fuckboys always make sex jokes and are motivated by the sheer prowess of their horniness

note** oakley is not a fuckboy brand. its a brand common for fathers now who used to be fuckboys.
girl 1: see that guy over there?

liam: hes a fuckboy
girl 2: how do you know/
liam: undercut hair gel plus addidas sweats? total fuckboy. dont be surprised if his name is chad or austin
by 50 shades of shit. July 28, 2019
phrase used to indicate that an action or statement is not gay. this phrase is usually employed by guys who really care about their self image and how they project unto others- chiefly their bros. no homo is also used by people who want to cover up their secret homosexuality. the phrase is completely unnecessary but its use indicates that the user is insecure or self-conscious
aaron: but you're sooo cute no homo
by 50 shades of shit. July 31, 2019
cody is a versatile name. it is used by many people although it has begun to slowly decline. codys are generally smart and athletic. they often wear sports clothing and excel in math and science oriented subjects. some can be loud while others are quiet. no matter what, cody is assertive and communicates in an effective manner. cody does not like it when people spell his name wrong. an example would be spelling it as kody.
cody: aissata, my name is cody, not kody
by 50 shades of shit. July 31, 2019
math teacher. he graduated with a masters degree from some university. hates some students (like liam) and loves others (like eiger and kendrick. he is admittedly bad at reading and he loves chicken; however, the chicken needs to be fried or yosh will put it aside.
michelle: yash stole my idea for gift cards. that bitch! not cash money at all.
by 50 shades of shit. July 12, 2019
the modern vincent is almost always an asian boy. white people have forgone the full name in favor of "vince" or "vin." asians however, like full names and have thus stuck to vincent in a similar manner as kendrick. vincent is generally quiet but very helpful. he is very smart and is a good worker. vincent generally prefers to sit in the back of the classroom.
VIncent got a 1500 on the sat!
by 50 shades of shit. July 31, 2019
sex while stupid. use protection idiots
patient: i think i have an std
doctor: you don't have an std but you have had sws.
by 50 shades of shit. August 1, 2019
1. a popular children's toy
2. a plastic whore.

3. adjective used to describe someone who's proportions and physical stature are similar to a barbie doll

barbie dolls in real life are impossible. they represent and ideal body type which is physically impossible. not to mention, they are terrible idols for small children.
1. I want a barbie doll mommy uwu
2. rakell: ew its barbie
3. she's such a barbie
by 50 shades of shit. July 11, 2019