51 definitions by 50 shades of shit.

that face you make when u're about to give someone a really ugly disgusting sloppy kiss.

if u're finna suck face, do it correctly
no one:

2 people: start to make out
everyone: GROSS that puckerface is terrible
by 50 shades of shit. July 11, 2019
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sandhya means sunrise or sunset in sanskrit. the name can also refer to other times of day relating the moon or sun. sandhya is smart and nice and is also quiet, like sanjana.
sanjana: sandhya has long hair and wears vans
by 50 shades of shit. July 28, 2019
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feminine form of sanjan which, in sanskrit, means creator. sanjana is usually an indian girl- the name being popular in india. sanjana is smart and nice. she can be reserved or quiet at times
yash: sanjana what did you get on the homework?
by 50 shades of shit. July 28, 2019
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vietnamese girls name. the correct pronunciation is "me" not "mi" my is smart and funny like other girls. she can be easily annoyed at the smallest of things, such as a small spill of mustard on carpet. my is pretty cool. she also plays musical instruments and does tennis which is pretty standard for an asian.
teacher: my phong, my chan, my gao
by 50 shades of shit. July 30, 2019
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adective which describes someone who started from the ground and worked there way u to riches. new money differs from old money in that it is not passed down from a previous generation. new money can be dirty money. most new money is cash money
Peik Lin: Everything you see here is new money but the Young family are whats called old money- they had money from china when they moved
by 50 shades of shit. July 11, 2019
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person who is addicted to pengo. they love boba and drinks from pengo
girl 1: OMG karen! ur such a penghoe
karen: sis what?
by 50 shades of shit. June 09, 2019
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