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A locally derived game in southern Oregon using a pool table in an unorthodox fashion. Two gladiators pick a side of the table to defend (the two pockets at opposing ends of the table) while holding either the cue ball or 8ball (black team/white team) with one hand and try to knock the rest of the balls into the opponent's pockets using the controlling ball (or your knuckles if you're lucky enough to get them smashed between your ball and another). The game is very similar to airhocky (except for people who can't afford an airhocky table yet have a pool table they can't pawn off for something as cool as airhocky). There is no changing hands and the first person to let go of their ball (even for a second) or pockets the least balls loses.
"Wanna play some Painball?" "Fuck no."
by Know Baudie August 19, 2007

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