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An instrument of oppression or persecution in the eyes of anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and religious folks, who believe that they won’t be infected because they are divinely protected from any coronaviruses and their variants.
With loved ones and friends succumbing to the delta variant, more and more Trumpublicans and conspiracists in a number of red states are coming to terms that both the mask and the vaccine could protect them from infection and premature death—talks about 666-vaccination or mask oppression have suddenly evaporated.
by 🦠₉₁₁ September 12, 2021
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When you religiously or selflessly carry out wearing a mask at home lest you might infect your bunny, cat, dog, goldfish, or hamster—you don’t mind some inconvenience or sacrifice because of your love for your pet.
If you truly value your pet as a member of the extended family, will you go the extra second mile in practicing mask care to protect them against Covid-19?
by 🦠₉₁₁ April 8, 2021
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When morally bankrupt individuals flushed with cash tried to divert a shipment of masks bound for a certain country to another destination, while the goods were being transferred between planes in a transit country.
Besides sending people waving cash to buy a planeload of masks meant for France on the tarmac in China, the Trump administration was accused of mask piracy after diverting 200,000 masks meant for Germany to its shores while they were on transit in Thailand.
by 🦠₉₁₁ April 27, 2022
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When mute and deaf gods and goddesses (and man-made beasts or mythical animals) in houses of idolatrous worship are masked to set an example for followers or pilgrims how they ought to behave themselves selflessly in public.
Some religious leaders reminded their members that masking isn’t just a socially responsible act performed towards their fellow believers and unbelievers, but also serves as a reverential act of mask worship.
by 🦠₉₁₁ May 27, 2021
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A yet to be confirmed “Indian Variant 2.0” or “Delta 2.0,” which would not only be more resistant to Covid-19 vaccines, but also more transmissible (or even more lethal) than variants currently circulating the planet.
If the Nepal variant were confirmed, guesstimate how many hikers worldwide who had already planned to climb Mount Everest this year would be forced to cancel their dream trip.
by 🦠₉₁₁ June 5, 2021
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Someone who does a prank by falsely sms-ing friends, colleagues, or relatives, or by lying on social media, that they had contracted Covid-19 and had been warded in an ICU in hospital.
Guesstimate how many corona pranks are being carried out by J🦠KERS every day worldwide, thus creating panic in the family, community, or country.
by 🦠₉₁₁ November 2, 2021
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An acknowledgment that we have to respect rather than reject the virus—we needn’t be petrified or paralyzed by the pandemic, but we must not lose sight of the danger the virus poses, which could result in death, in the event of infection or reinfection (with or without vaccination).
After governments realized that “Zero Covid” wasn’t feasible, they reluctantly shifted their strategy to “Living with Covid-19,” as their populations reach endemicity and hopefully achieve herd immunity in a-not-too-distant future.
by 🦠₉₁₁ March 12, 2022
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