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Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. If you are really believing and hoping for something; whether that may be healing, a job offer, love interest, salvation, forgiveness... it will require sacrifice on your end by you taking the 1st step. In the end, our efforts will always display our truth faith towards what we are believing God for. It is impossible to please God without faith!
Faith without works is dead!

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God’s love letter to humanity. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
The Holy Bible is God’s Holy Word! Read it and trust in His word completely for wisdom, comfort, healing and guidance.

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Communication is essential for ANY type of relationship to work. There will be times when one person will have to take the lead with initiating dialogue but in time all parties should be engaging in effective communication . It is always important to be clear and direct when communicating. Indirect and passive communication only leads to confusion and more questions than answers.
Effective communication is active, clear, direct and understood by all parties. It is vital and an important component to any successful relationship.

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Time is one of the most precious commodities. Quality Time is given to that which is important to us. Live and be present in every moment. Choose to maximize your time on that which is of value. Every second counts! Consider wisely where your time is spent. Life is short, so don’t waste any time.
Time is of the EssenceπŸ•°β³β°

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There is always healing and comfort for the broken hearted. Do not give up on your faith. Hope in all things, Believe all things and Trust God for it is already done! Good things and blessings are in store for His children!
God is working everything out for your good! My heart believes this for you. Do not worry or be sad.

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The ability to discern beyond the superficial. True wisdom is not based on our experiences, knowledge or intellect. This is worldly wisdom. In fact, it is far superior than the aforementioned. Godly wisdom is only granted/given by God alone. The Bible says that wisdom is far more better to have than riches. It also says that we should ask for God’s wisdom in everything and not to rely on our understanding.
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

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Self-Discipline is intentional focus and commitment to maintaining self restraint/self control regardless of temptation or pressures we my be faced with. It can also be continuous focus on our journey to self improvement. Sometimes we can be influenced to stay the course with assistance but if you exercised habitually over time the end result will always be fruitful.
Accomplished goals and a healthy holistic lifestyle are just some byproducts of self-discipline.

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