32 definitions by ꧁KØHLER꧂

1. thunder
2. a hockey team based in tampa
1. wow! thats some lightning!
2. hope the lightning win today's game!
by ꧁KØHLER꧂ May 19, 2022
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a team that will never win the league.
i hope Liverpool dosen't win the league!
by ꧁KØHLER꧂ January 15, 2022
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The founder of Force Thirteen since 2011. He is also seems to be a hot piece of ass because he was attractive.
nathan foy is so gorgeous! but not trying to make fun of him.
by ꧁KØHLER꧂ June 30, 2022
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a 3-minute commercial of videos (including viral and cool videos) that keeps muting my audio because i was restrained from using audios for 2 days
by ꧁KØHLER꧂ April 11, 2022
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a terrible excuse for Force Thirteen. Anime that's overrated in the Force Thirteen community.
Tornado chasers is also a show where you can meet the very hot Nathan Foy.
by ꧁KØHLER꧂ February 3, 2022
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