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Minecraft PE demo with a save option and a worse UI.
"OooOh I GeT tO PlaY wItH mY fRiEnDS oN ConSoLE WiTh MiNecRaFt BedRoCk EdItIoN"

"Minecraft Bedrock Edition is just glorified pocket edition with microtransactions."
by ©®℗™℠ December 26, 2019
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A tv program created in 1972 to more educate people about economic topics. If you turned to the channel, you were bound to learn sonthing new. But that changed quickly.

By early the 90's the company who owned TLC filed bankruptcy and the discovery channel bought TLC. Instead of making more educational shows, like you would think they would (hence the name DISCOVERY channel), they started to make reality shows. No big deal. A few reality shows isn't so bad. But no. They COMPLETLEY stopped shows about education and before you know it, TLC turned into a channel about dwarfs, morbidly obese people, people with very abnormal addictions such as sniffing used diapers and bathing in gasoline, VERY cheap families, and last but not least, a fuck ton of Karens about their everyday life with their "terrible husband" or some bullshit along those lines. The Learning Channel, or as it used to be, is only good at giving you AIDS everytime you accidentally switch to it, and as you start to see a couple with like 10 daughters or grown woman eating rocks or couch cusions, you slowly grow more and more addicted to TLC.
"Hey man did you see what happened on TLC's My Strange Addictions show?

"My Stange Addictions? On The Learning Channel? Doesn't TLC teach people about cirtain topics?"

"Not anymore. TLC now is a bunch of "reality shows" about morbidly obese people, very cheap people, and people who have addictions to bathing in bleach and having sex with cars"
by ©®℗™℠ November 18, 2019
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The first version of Minecraft legacy console edition. This version was on the Xbox 360, released may 9, 2012. It was also equivalent to Minecraft beta 1.6.6 on java edition.
Me: Remember this? (Shows picture of the TU1 tutorial world)

Friend: starts sobbing uncontrollably
by ©®℗™℠ December 13, 2019
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