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A word invented by rapper xxxtentacion to describe a different, more advanced mentality of thinking. In an instagram story he defines the word as follows: a “different state” or “next” universe of thought
I am in the next gekyume of thinking
by @aleenamufti March 30, 2018

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To 'Pray for Kendrick' is to pray for a young man named Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick asks the Children of God and the naninya nun to pray for him in his song 'HUMBLE.", to pray for Kendrick is the way of life.
Mum: "Pray for Kendrick before you go to bed, Johnny, you don't want to become a Sinner".
Johnny: "Yes Mother, I will Pray for Kendrick, as will you, mother dearest"
Johnny: "PRAYYYY"
by @aleenamufti September 06, 2017

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Naninya is a term used for the power duo of the world. Once the term is applied each member takes a part of the name. Meaning one will take the name 'Nan' and the other 'Inya'. When you feel like being formal or if you're angry you can refer to each other as 'Nanna' or 'Inyanana'. The rule however, is that only you can refer to each other as your official Naninya name, other ordinary people are to call you your normal names or if they are referring to Naninya as a whole. If you are truly dedicated to God and Naninya then you will be dubbed either a 'Inya nun' or a 'Nanna Nun'. You will dedicate your life to Naninya (and God) for Eternity.
"Those girls are soooo Naninya"
by @aleenamufti September 06, 2017

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