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1.)A person that you meet in any chat room and spams gay and ridiculous comments for no apparent reason other than the fact that he can swear and his parents won't yell at him.
2.)The person that does such a stupid thing that ruins the game for you or your team.
3.)Someone who is constantly writing in acronyms cause they have no life and have nothing better to do than try to elevate them selves above other people
4.) Somebody that won't leave you alone even though you did absolutely nothing to trigger them talking to you liek that annoying zit that grows on your back.
1.)I screw your mom evry mornign you loosers! LOL
2.)You stuck your self with a plasma you ass don't run towards us!
3.)OMG i pwn u all LOL!
Go to hell noob!
Oh my god shut up /ignore
4.) Whatcha doin?
Leave me alone or i'll report you!
Whatcha doin?
would you please leave me alone and dont make another character to annoy me some more
LOLOL STFU you nub pay me biach!!
I win again bwahahaha!
by /Ignore June 06, 2007
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