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an okay school, can be gay though. speaking of gay, we actually do have quite a bit of fags here at westfield. over half of the school is "gangsta" and think they're the shit and can beat anyone up, even though thats not true because they're all just talk. there's only like 10 kids who are even in real "gangs" and no one cares about them anyways. then theres the spanish kids, who of course everybody gets annoyed by. they also think that they are the shit and are good at every sport, which isnt true. the only sport that there even close to being good at is soccer, so stop trying to play black kids in basketball, they'll kick your ass anyday. then the asians. not really a lot to say about them, yeah, theyre all smart and all get honor roll, even the ones who try to be gangster get honor roll but try to hide it. the white kids are pretty cool. except for the wiggers. i fucking hate wiggers, stop trying to be black by either dressing all ghetto or going to tanning beds to try to fucking blend it with your friends. lots of preps;actually everyone is preppy now. then theres the skater kids, who are actually pretty tightttt. the teachers at WHS can't stand/put up with any of the kids, theyre cool though. so i guess thats all for westfield, oh and we're fucking beast at sports, who gives a shit if oakton highschool beat us once in football, you rich little snobby bastards. Yet westfield can be outrageously annoying and retarded, we're the shit.
"yo man, you stepped on my new kicks, nigga, what the fuck"
(an everyday saying at westfield)

white girl trying to walk in locker bay: "excuse me" *walks through*
black girl talkin with her home girls:
"what the fuck yo,watch where your goin and say excuse me" *pushes white girl*
(another example..everyday shit)

teacher:"go sit down"
student:"shut up bitch"
by #%@$! April 29, 2005

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