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1.bestfriends who keep each other from falling they are two people that is rare Like a diamond, so genuineYou can’t find anything else like it. They have a special bond that no one and nothing can break. So you better not try to come between them. Although they have only known each other for three yearsIt feels like a lifetime they will be there to wipe away each others' tearsThey will fight their fears together they will help each other when things get tough
when things get hard and rough they have told each other their deepest secrets Kevin/Shelly are each others friend in life and friend in deathThey have a bond so strong proven with every breath I must say i know they cherish each other.Kevin/Shelly will be each others' best friend and that’s the way it will always be always there for each other beginning to end That’s how I describe them.. the perfect friend and more for each other. I know they will be here for each other because true friends are for eternity.(continued)
kevin/shelly combination; best friends
by "fan club" February 04, 2010

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