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W.I.T.H. is an acronym for "White In The Hood"...
Yeah... did you hear about Larry... he went to the project to score a bag of weed... but got chased out by the cops before he could find anything for being W.I.T.H.
by Jared L. Ohlinger August 31, 2009
Short way of saying "with out"
I am going to the store w/o my wallet.
by Juan December 28, 2003
Abbreviation for "water sports"
She likes W/S as much as he does
by Farmboy54 January 07, 2006
A very cool and smart person. Asa describes the very few who can stay up all night studying, ace the test, and still be very respected by his peers, and an overall awesome guy.
boy 1: dude, i totally got an F in English

boy 2: you serious!? i got an A PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS

boy 1: wow, you are such an Asa

by ljhgrlau April 16, 2008
1) (n.) "Instant messanger"

A programme, usually downloadable for free, that allows people to chat in real-time. Many have integrated features such as file sending, two player games, pictures and drawing boards. They are basically an evolution of electronic mail that allows people to get closer to each other. The most popular IM programmes are aim, msn messanger, yahoo IM and icq

2) To use 1) to contact another user of IM's.

3) Mis-spelling of I'm.
1) I need to get a better IM

2) IM me tonight.

3) OMG IM GAY!!!!!111!2!ONE
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
Leaving a conversation or room. Signifying a good bye.
"I'm out like a fat kid in Dodgeball."

by B-Unit April 30, 2003
1) Acronym used for the phrase "shut the fuck up" for efficiency reasons.
Please stfu because I am trying to read.
by johnisthegame February 27, 2003
It means "with".
Some people also write it as w/.
I took my dog w\ me when i went to the seaside.
by zaci1 October 20, 2007
W/C stands for "week commencing", this term is mainly used in logistics by demand planners.
"I need the material on the W/C 04.20.09"
by lmferraz April 06, 2009
"When I"m High." W.I.H
Used for game titles for top score name.
converstation for texting Lets play some C.O.D a.k.a Call of Duty(W.I.H.) When I'm High
Intials for:
Walter Ima Hitlter

Top Scores

WIH 100,000,000
ROY 345000
JEF 32000
ASS 1111
LOL 103
by Dr.Zaius420 October 17, 2009