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The act of continuously improving the interactions between users and products.
When I'm uxing, I'm doing it for your mom.
by GA21 August 26, 2014
Term denoting Urban Exploration. Used as both a noun and a verb. The idea of urban adventure is also expressed via URBEX and URBANEX.
Let's UE the derelict old warehouse on Fifth Street tonight.

I'm acquainted with the tenets of UE. Today, I document for posterity what will vanish tomorrow.
by MothMan February 18, 2004
commonly used as an abbreviation for Urban Exploring. Other names commonly used: UE, UX, UEing, UXing, urbex, urbanex, urban exploring
I will be UEing at an abandoned house later this afternoon.
by Freaktulip October 30, 2013
what up and coming graphic designers aspire to - but which the Industry thinks it knows better. Hence, the degree of difficulty and countless CDs of folio examples sent by new graduates to unispired and uninspiring studios who care about material wealth and not the material.
myself and countless other graduates Australia-wide.
by dj December 07, 2003
the word evolved in a brainstorming session when the conversation turned to animating a user experience path diagram. it combines traditional flow-chart type qualities, mixed in with emotional elements that humanize the diagram.
For the presentation, let's create a diamation.
by Gangsta Ginseng July 20, 2009
is the name sometimes given to people that are slightly tubby but not quite obese.
hey dude, check out the fattux!
by Lebby K December 04, 2007
Noun - Slang phrase used in the late 18th century to describe a “fat person”.
Faggot: "Oh, he’s a bit of a jollux, ha?”

John: "Wtf, he can't hear you. Just call him fat ffs. tsk"

Faggot: "... calm down, John. Take a deeeeep breath"

John: "omg, stfu.... Jesus"
by Moshroom21 March 07, 2011
The only word Australian and British people use to describe a 'cell phone'. I have never heard an Aussie say 'cell phone'.
Hint: To be cooler, say: 'Mobie'.
"Have ya got ya mobile on ya?"
"Some muh-fucka jacked me for my mobie."
by Diego August 21, 2003
2.A term use by men world wide in responce to a women who is either naggin him or talking about something of absolut zero relevance to his he's only interested in having sex with her at the time.
Mom: Are you ever going to clean your room ?
kid: Uh huh.

Girl: then she said that J-lo was better that Brittney..
Guy:uh huh.
Girl: and I was all like, no waaaaayyy
Guy: Uh huh.*glances at titties*
Girl: Then I called up Crystal to tell HER about that, and she was all nooo waaaayyy.
Guy: Uh huh.
Girl: then i called Michelle back to tell her what Crystal said...
Guy: UH HUH. LOOK. are we ever gonna have sex ?
Girl: uh huh. *rolls eyes*
by James March 07, 2004

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