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Thesaurus for unbrokenxero

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for unbrokenxero

An adjective in popular use within the Australian gay community to describe an openly gay male who is sexually promiscuous and yet has never been on the receiving end of anal sex.
Feeling randy after an evening of bottsring, the bushranger put on his tapout t-shirt and assless chaps and proceeded to perform a sandusky on the unbroken lad who lived next door.
by Brisbane Pete March 08, 2012

1) When the number Zero is not low enough. You need something even more pathetic.
2) The lack of integrity in ones work
3) Someone who is terrible at PC gaming
1) Everyone called Joe a XERO because he was known to deceive others
2) I am so broke I have XERO cashflow
3) I lost that game so bad my score was a big fat XERO
by AnonymousCALIF June 07, 2013
Another word for steroids
that dumbass stupid fuckin roid-head football player
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
this game reminds me of people playing snkae on cell phones. once youve played it and you get bored later, its the first thing you think of doing. you know its a waste of time but you cant stop. i advise you to NEVER play this unless you want it to consume your soul... i wish i hadnt gotten into it...
runescape has a better chance of taking over the world than hitler had...
by some guy February 03, 2005
comes from mmorpgs, where you would have a healer in your party and a person with high defense. (i.e. meat sack-o-shield warriors). the warrior rush an opponent and the monk would do their best to keep the warrior alive with healing and stat bonuses. then, the other members could
a)fight and hit hard
b)run away like scared little girls

so, in essence, it is a big distraction to open opportunites for attack or to run away, like a sacrifice but to keepp it alive.
Chaos Deity had the best plan to win by tanking the enemy patrol and having his team run away.
by Chaos Deity October 06, 2005
An overgrown buffed-up midget. He takes so many steroids his penis and balls are about the size of a 2 year old. His tanking skills are absolutely horrible and he gets KO'd by ghjjf, and everytime he calls a pile in vent it makes me want to kill a baby.
My friend thought the muscular person had down syndrome, but I told him it was just an unbrokenxero.
by Steve Jacksonater February 01, 2008
A slang for the term Ventrilo, an internet chat program, that allows users to voice communicate over the internet.
hey dude, get on vent!
by Mike Frisk February 06, 2005