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Thesaurus for ultrafag

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for ultrafag

1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.
2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.
" Look at that fag riding that Harley."
"Why are these fags always so loud."
by InfSonic November 04, 2009
A place where only the best of the best go; A place of the gods.
Other guy: Yo bro where are you going?
Me: Just going to the Fagpit.
Me: I know. *Puts on sunglasses* "YEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH"
by anonymous5376953 December 11, 2010
Probobly the Gayest School of all time. Although I go here, I hate it b/c it is so faglike. We try to compete with the other IAC schools like Bullis and Landon but we can't. We even got ourselves kicked out of the IAC in football this year. I'm embarrassed to go here. We think that we're so cool, but really we are just a bunch of stoners who can't get with a HOT girl to save our lives. Ok, maybe we will get with a hot girl here and there but we'll never touch the hotness of the Bullis '08 girls.
Boy: Hi
Girl: Hi
Boy: I Go to georgetown prep.
Girl: Get the Fuck away!
by Prep Class of '08 March 13, 2005
The best guy you could ever meet. He always knows just what to say to absolutely melt your heart. Usually quite handsome and an excellent musician. He's the funniest guy you know, and always has a warm smile. Landon is very smart, practical, cool, athletic, sweet, and DEFINITELY a gentleman. He won't throw your heart away, and would never expect anything in return. Landon: the perfect man.
Wow, I've got to find me a Landon!
by pseudonym1245 December 12, 2010
Someone who really likes the penis. A flaming homosexual that would suck anyone for anything. Usually a male.
"mike lang is a superfag, he clearly likes the male anatomy more than the female anatomy. He is an an incredible douche who needs to get a life"
by Quarzeq October 31, 2009
Public School you pay for.
"You are bullis"
by .writenamehere. September 15, 2009
DeMatha Catholic High School is a private, Catholic four-year college preparatory high school in Hyattsville, Maryland. The only high school run by the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, the school was founded in 1946.

DeMatha is renowned for both academics and athletics. Academically, the U.S. Department of Education recognized DeMatha as a "National School of Excellence" in both 1984 and 1991(Most schools only receive recognition one year, if any). Athletically, DeMatha's records speaks for itself. In fact, Sports Illustrated ranked DeMatha as the #2 high school athletic program in the United States in 2005, and former coach Morgan Wootten is a member of the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

As an alumnus, I can say that I never played organized sports for DeMatha. In fact, I participated in the National Honor Society and Mock Trial team, which won the Maryland state championship the year I graduated. We accomplished this by defeating approximately 130 other high schools, all either Catholic, public, co-educational, or some combination of those three.

The athletic program does not recruit its players. The school has 900 to 1,000 young men from the DC Metropolitan Area. Naturally, they have more candidates for all-male sports teams than a smaller, co-ed school. That's just mathematics.

Additionally, I graduated with honors in 2001, and continued my education at a Jesuit university and a Catholic law school. I doubt either of these schools would have accepted me had I received a poor academic foundation during my high school years.

DeMatha's biggest rival is Gonzaga College High School, a Jesuit-run prep school in Washington, and another fine Catholic institution.
DeMatha and Gonzaga are two rival Catholic prep schools in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area

DeMatha is an all-male Catholic high school near the University of Maryland.
by An Alumnus January 11, 2006
It means like to eat his shit when a dude treats you like shit.
He treats you like a mat, Why'do always EHS?
by trocola September 14, 2007
Like Catholics but without the crap. And yes we like our coffee and our donuts. We are also extremely afraid of change. We ordain women and let the gays marry and that's why we're cool.
"how many episcopalians does it take to change a lightbulb?"

"One to talk about the duration of the lightbulbs life, one to drink coffee and watch and one to actually remove the lightbulb and replace it"
by Jschizzle July 06, 2006
a person who, eloquently speaking, is such a complete and utterly disgrace to mankind. Otherwise, if he is a friend, this is a compliment
I can't believe you, you are such a fuckface.

hey fuckface!!
by djs October 03, 2003