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Thesaurus for tromp

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for tromp

The act of throwing someone on the ground and stepping on the very hard over and over again. This is extremely painful. Only do this to people whom you don't like.
Don't get Martin mad, or he'll stomp you.
by B and K March 10, 2005
223 43
The act of walking in a tromp-like manner. To tromp...the act of tromping...walking with heavy foot pressure. Similar to stomping, usually done when when one's really happy.
The baby was trompin' around in the grass with her aunt.
by ~Gurlon Fyre~ October 14, 2010
0 4
Something i should be doing to work off my fat ass after having a baby.
'i should be walking off my fat ass at the park today'
by Ocraner July 01, 2008
58 36
The highest level of drunkenness, close to the level of alcohol poisoning.
She got completely annihilated and had to be carried out of the club.
by jeff March 21, 2004
112 14
To be beaten senseless because you God damn definitely deserve it.

Not to be confused with kick-ass, shit-kicking,ass kissing or getting the shit kicked out of you.
We were having a kick-ass good time shootin' the shit and kickin' the shit out of this guy who needed an ass kicking. So kiss my ass.
by FrankC March 13, 2004
160 51
overwhelmed, extremely impressed
I was blown away by his performance.
by Light Joker March 10, 2005
125 26
Means to get hurt by a person either by there words, actions, etc
I was crushed by my crush.
by SALLYSEAL October 24, 2006
118 25
To foobar a large scale software project.
Hey, this project is rodgered! Did Rodger work on this project? Because man, it is fucking rodgered!!.

I haven't seen such incompetence since Rodger stuck his finger in the last project's ass.
by Alien Feed November 13, 2012
3 0