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Thesaurus for trampling

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for trampling

To stand or walk on one's body and esp. sexual organs as part of an extreme foot fetish.
XXX Ladies love to trample XXX Click to enter
by Anonymous January 19, 2004
When you have one or multiple women undress wearing nothing but high heels stepping repeatedly on your dick.
The other night my girl Susan trampled my dick and I came like a horse!
by doggystyle6977433334 October 09, 2010
A group of animals that moving violently in on direction. Can be dangeous.
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
The act of throwing someone on the ground and stepping on the very hard over and over again. This is extremely painful. Only do this to people whom you don't like.
Don't get Martin mad, or he'll stomp you.
by B and K March 10, 2005
This is the New Updated Fetish Bracelet Guide 1.0!
Ok Heres is how fetish braclets work.
Normal "Sex braclets" only pertain to one individual braclet.
In which you play a game called "snaps" and snap of that color bracelet. Then the snapie has to give the snapper whatever that color is

//Old Color Meanings//
# Black: sexual intercourse
# Blue: blow job (alternate meaning: lap dance)
# Green: cunnilingus (alternate meaning: outdoor sex, hug)
# Clear: whatever you want (alternate meaning: hug)
# Orange: kiss
# Yellow: hug (alternate meaning: analingus)
# Red: lap dance (alternate meaning: French kiss, oral sex)
# Purple: anal sex (alternate meaning: holding hands, doggy style)
# Silver: fisting
# White: flash your tits (alternate meaning: gay kiss, French kiss)
# Pink: flashing
# Gold glitter: make out
# Brown: toss my salad, i.e., analingus
# Glow in the dark: using sex toys, e.g. vibrators, dildos, etc

Now that is only when there is one individual one.
Now fetish bracletes are a bit diffrent. They are only ment to find other people with similar fetishes. You dont have to snap them and both girls and guys can wear them. Fetish bracelets are interlocked so that means 2 normal bracelets that are linked together

**guide on how to interlock the bracelets**

1) take two jelly bracelets one in each hand (for example purposes lets say you have a red one in your left hand and a black one in your right).
2) loop the black one through the red one.
3) Now that the black one is inside the red one take the end of the black one and bend it over the left edge of the red one.
4) Pull the red end that just got looped over a little so it should make the 2 bracletes in and X like pattern.
5) Put your wrist through the X and wear your new Fetish Bracelet!

/-/Fetish bracelet guide/-/
Same Colors Interlocked:
# Black: Normal S&M
# Blue: Bondage
# Lt. Blue:
# Green: Ballbusting
# Clear: Materials / Cloathing (latex, spandex, leather)
# Orange: Voyerisum
# Yellow: Golden showers
# Red: Trample / Foot Fetish / Shoe Fetish (can mean all)
# Purple: Ashphixiation
# Silver: Hand Fetish
# White: Medical
# Pink: Beastiality
# glitter: Sleep Fetish
# Brown: Other Bodily Fluid (number 2)
# Glow in the dark blue: Sex toys
# Glow in the dark yellow: Growth Fetish
# Glow in the dark green: Ponyplay
These fetish bracelets are cool!
by Ohmygoditsthetramplefreak September 02, 2006
1: Sadism and Masochism

The practice of using pain as a sexual stimulant. Some variants of S&M include

* Breast torture
* Spanking
* Whipping
* Blood play
* Vaginal torture
* 'CBT,' Cock and Ball Torture
* Asphyxiation
* Hot wax

2: Slave and Master

See also: Bondage, B&D
"You up for some S&M?"
"Gods, no. I bruise easily."
by thehumanencyclopedia June 21, 2004
A common way to incorrectly spell bestiality.

Sexual intercourse involving a human and a lower animal.
Thems farm boys sure luvs them the beastiality!
by Omniverse March 29, 2003
Derived from a term for slavery, Bondage has come to mean sexual slavery, particularly dealing with the simple practice of restraining one's parter to beds, posts, from ceilings, etc. Usually entails either rope (asian forms) or leather, chains, and other equipment specially designed for the purpose (western.)

Bondage considered a fetish, as enthusiasts generally prefer the thought or presence of a fully-clothed restrained partner to a fully nude and unrestrained partner.

Bondage is not to be confused with the more specific practices of B&D, the practice of restraining and then dominating, or humiliating a partner, or S&M, the practice of hurting one's partner in order to achieve sexual climax. Bondage enthusiasts generally prefer the more docile forms.
"Are you willing to try something? Can I tie you to the bed and try a little bondage play?"
by thehumanencyclopedia June 21, 2004
A slang term for a condom, as used in "Can I Get a What What" by Jay-Z.
Can I get a whoo whoo to these n**** from all my bitches who don't got love for n**** without gloves.
by Tim Lake January 25, 2006
It is true that Jelly Bracelets used to be an 80's fashion. However, they weren't the original fuck bracelets. Originally fuck bracelets were bracelets with teeny tiny little beed and thin elastic string. The rumors about breaking them and the person has to have sex with you started floating around when I was thirteen. I'm about17 now. They were much easier to break than jelly bracelets. Somewhere along the line Jelly bracelets began to come back into style. When this happened they became known as fuck bracelets. What many of you are failing to realize is everyone just took it as a joke. No one actually believes that if they break someone's black bracelet that, that person has to have sex with them. That's ridiculous and stupid. However there is a meaning behind each of the different colors and people do jokingly try to break them a lot. Most of the time when it happens to me (I have about 80 of these things) it's just one of my friends kidding around.

Black- Sex
Blue- Blow job
Pink- Flash tits or pinus
Yellow- Hug
Purple- Kiss
Clear- W/e snapper wants
Green- Hand job
Brown- Toss my salad
Glow in the dark- SEX TOYS
Any glitter- Girl chooses
Silver(Gray)- OUTDOOR SEX
Light Blue- Anal
Light pink- hug & kiss
Light green- Oral sex
Gold- All of the above

Those are the meanings of the different colors. But in reality, it's just a fashion statement.
Girl: Hey! You broke my fuck bracelet!
Guy: Whoops sorry. Hey! That means we have to have sex now!
Girl: (sarcastically) Oh yea baby!
Guy: Haha
Girl: Wanna go right now?
Guy: Seriously?
Girl: No you dumbass I was joking
Guy: Uh.. yea, I.. uh... I was too.
Girl: Riiiight

::girl walks off::
by Jessica June 29, 2004