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Thesaurus for tomooha

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for tomooha

a fabulous name, anyone who has it should be proud, spontaneous (good in bed) ;) usually very sexy tall & thin (except for the few UNLUCKY Jeff's out there)
DAMN BITCH! Jeff is so fine
by 123456princessbabieeee February 05, 2008
4373 2130
An exclamation of the highest form of triumph.
"Found a tenner - mooha!"
"That party was a bit mooha"
by Stellar Stella September 30, 2006
50 24
Stout is a dark beer made using roasted malts. Stout was first brewed by Guinness of Ireland and was originally called Stout-Porter, as its recipe was a variation of that for porter beer. It encompasses a large enough class of beers and subclasses of beers, that Stout and Porter are considered two distinct styles.
I got totally drunk after only 4 pints of stout
by dookie February 28, 2004
126 42
A Teenage white kid that has an abnormally large penis usually ranging to 7.5 inches to 8
"Wow never knew he had that he must have been a Thomas"
by Thomas 61 May 17, 2008
8907 4298
the man responsbile for the monstrosity known as "myspace", owner and operator of said site, and consequently the man blamed every time myspace is down.
"god damnit! myspace shit the bed again. fuck you tom!"
by rachellefreak January 22, 2006
4623 1926