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A type of music characterized by it's cacophonous wall of sound and accelerated tempo which is achieved through distorted electric guitars playing fast-paced riffs, with the driving drumbeat often utilizing hypersonic double bass rhythms and emphasizing the continuous pumping action, the bass guitar is often playing similar to the guitar, but more with the drums, so as to add to the overall heavyness and depth. It can manifest in many different forms and the spectrum of intensity is usually quite varied. From slow and heavy melodic grooves, to complex and precise blinding rhythms, odd time changes, and sheer brutality.. metal comes in many shapes and sizes. One common trait of metal is to have vocals dealing with dark subject matter, often sung with anger, aggression, and conviction in the form of screaming. Melodic smooth vocals are also accepted. Solos are an integral part of metal music, as the icing on the cake to complement the heavy intensity of the songs and add more depth and individuality. Real metal has a solo in every song, usually scales and arpeggios played with some changes often in 8th, 16th, or 32nd notes..if only a few quick licks. Metal is progressive and dynamic, and usually provokes feelings that are therapeutic to the listener. Metal is rock music that has evolved.
Opeth, Death, Slayer, Pantera, Iced Earth, In Flames, Testament
by Shroomism October 02, 2003
thrash kicks nu metal's little boy scrotum into its mouth
dont forget Testament, Exodus, and Megadeth
by faggot licker July 08, 2003
The worlds state of the art speed metal band
Megadeth is the greatest band ever
by TheNuke January 29, 2003
The masters of metal. The baddest riffs (warning: Wimps may damage their wrist trying to play their music), the fastest drumbeat, the meanest voice and the most EVIL lyrics...
Typical Slayer lyrics: "The Gates of Hell are waiting can't you see, there's no other way just follow me
I can take your lost soul from the grave
Jesus knows your soul cannot be saved"
by JK1112 December 17, 2003
One of the greatest bands of all time, with over 85 million albums sold. Known to have been pioneers of the 80s metal scene.
by JasonAshton February 20, 2003
Popular 80's thrash metal band with hits like "Toxic Waltz" and "Pirahna." A lot more violent than Metallica were in their heyday, but still s second-tier act similar to Testament.
Why Exodus and Testament never made it bigger than Metallica and Megadeth is beyond me.
by slavetical June 07, 2003
The most ass kicking form of music on this planet.
(Literally too,you're bound to end up with a big headache after all that headbanging)
Iced Earth,early Metallica,early Megadeth,Slayer,Kreator.
by Uberdeth November 20, 2003
Awesome metal band. Even if you don't know who they are you probably know of Scott Ian, the band's lead guitarist and backup vocalist -- he is usually a commentator on VH1 programs.

Synonyms: Metallica, Motorhead, Pantera

Antonyms: Linkin Park, Godsmack, Staind
Anthrax just finished up a tour back in February.
by wutufx July 27, 2004
Chuck Billy is the lead singer of the American thrash metal band Testament, commonly recognised as "The most badass native american since sitting bull." He is also the #1 most skilled air guitarist in the world, serving as the lead air guitarist in Testament as a side effort to his powerful voice which is known to actually occasionally rip wholes in the space time continuum because of its epicosity.
Chuck Billy is a badass. None more need be said.
by Testament1234 July 04, 2011
An ancient novel full of murder, corruption, homosexuality, bestiality, incest and cruelty. It is often read to children on Sunday.

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