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Thesaurus for terminator

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for terminator

1. To finish, to come to an end, or bring something to an end.

2. To fire somebody: to discontinue somebody's or a group's employment.

3. To murder, kill or assassinate somebody.
1. He terminates a broadcast.
2. He was terminated after 20 years in the job.
3. If you hire her, she'll terminate anyone you like.
by Jafje April 18, 2007
43 4
adj. something that is incredibly cool; more than sick or ill
I had a terminal day yesterday--I got the samsung 990 and then played dalmuti at taco bell for 9 hours.
by Billas May 26, 2006
82 22
1) you're fired. Used when Human Resources let's and employee go.

2) To bring to an end or to stop from being functional. (This was made popular by the movie The Terminator and T2 and T3.)
1) She had to be terminated because she was emailing porn around the office.

2) The Program has been Terminated.


I will Terminate that lying cheating son of a bitch.
by Bryansix June 05, 2005
27 6
To lose one's job.

Synonyms: Get the boot, get the axe, canned, terminated, dismissed, laid-off, discharged, pink-slipped.
Honey, I haev terrible news. I've just been fired!

Dude, he just got the boot.

My friend just got terminated.

When do you think he'll get canned?
by Jesse McShortcakes May 11, 2006
86 15
Termination is the practice of making phone calls to people anonymously and then proceeding to only use sounds, music and quotes from the first three 'Terminator' movies during said phone calls.

The most frequent type of termination is done with the main Terminator theme opening the call then followed by classic Terminator quotes such as "RELAX", "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle", "Uzi 9 millimetre" and "I'll be back" with the theme playing in the background.

Prime candidates for said phone calls are those that share their names with the main cast of the Terminator films
"I haven't spoke to him in a while, I think he deserves a termination"

"I got woke up last night by my phone, at first I thought it was my mother but it turned out I'd be terminated"

"If I find that terminator, i'll turn his bowels into a garden ornament"
by takerdemon July 14, 2009
113 19
Money. What we all live and die for.
"Ends. Some people would rob they mother for the ends.
Rats snitch on one another for the ends.
Sometimes kids get murdered, for the ends.
So before we go any further I want my ends." - Everlast "Ends".

"So he falls off track, starts smoking the crack. And once it hits his brain it starts to chain react."
by Dysfunction January 18, 2004
523 160
The act of ending an unwanted pregnancy.
If abortion is killing a human being, then male masturbation is a genocide, isn't it?
by Debaser November 04, 2004
3666 1432
scariest fucking thing on earth.
have you ever been to Chuck E. Cheese and looked behind the curtain?
by Ralius July 15, 2005
593 158
fired; to lose your job
he got canned from his job for slacking off too much
by [c0x0r] August 10, 2004
158 26
to make one un-alive
i wish to kill that man of yours.
by andrea December 19, 2004
1663 288