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Thesaurus for tazzy

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NWA, ECW and WWF wrestler who reinvented the suplex (or Tazzplex). One of the more innovative and impressive mat wrestlers of all time.
From the Red Hook Section of Brooklyn, New York - weighing 248 pounds, he is the Human Suplex Machine - THIS IS TAZZ!
by Big J August 14, 2004
An affectionate term for the Australian state of Tasmania, used by mainlanders planning excessive consumption of alcohol on the island. First coined by a group of Adelaide visitors in early 2009, the word quickly gained popularity and the approval of Hobartians' who likened it to 'RADelaide' (some say in a effort to have their home town appear a little more hip). Pronounced 'Paz-MANIA', vocal stress on the latter half of the word alludes to the state's wild, frenzied, and often red-headed inhabitants.
We're going to Pazmania!
by Iwearsunglassesatnight April 07, 2009
The coolest kind on people in the world!
I wish I was a tassie
by Mitchell Anderson December 01, 2003
The coolest person to walk the Earth.
I love Taz. She makes me hot.
by Taz March 27, 2005
the coolest person alive. shes awesome!
-whos your best friend?
-gaby of course!
-oh really shes awesome i love her more than anything in the world!
by gaby! duh January 06, 2005
1. A pictorial representation of the the island state south of the Australian mainland.
2. Somewhat dated slang term for the female pubic region, bearing a likeness to (1).
Ted: Yeah, Doreen said I she get a taste of things south, so I thought I'd venture down Hobart way. Or should I go to Devonport?

Maurie: Tough call, mate. Hey Denise! Come in to the loungeroom. Spread your map of Tasmania wide so Ted can get a good look and pick up some ideas. When I go down there, I reckon you should spend some time lingering on the mountain in the north. It worth your time and will be well appreciated. Don't just plunge in to the valleys of the deep south, you'll come back too soon.
by Qpid Stunt January 12, 2005
not you.
i am me... you are not.

end of story.
by BassGuitarBaby October 26, 2005
Refering to the state of pennsylvania, everybody from pennsylvania is hard and badass therefore if you are from there you are a gangster
Yo dawg I come from PISTOLVANNIA!
by Jimbo Price May 28, 2008