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Thesaurus for tasers

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ECMO stands for Exter-corporeal-membrane-oxygenation. Ecmo is a heart lung bypass used for people who's lungs and/or heart are too sick to work. Its used as a last resourt, and it allows the heart and/or lungs to rest while it circulated and oxygenated the lungs. It is very common in the NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for preemature and/or severly ill babies. Two catheters called cannulas are placed into arteries, and the blood is taken out of the body, filtered, oxygenated, and returned back to the blood
Smosh was placed on ECMO after his lungs and heart began to shut down.
by ventilator98 April 06, 2009
High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator A device used commonly in larger hospitals for people who's lungs cannot take the stress of a conventional ventilator. The High frequency oscillatory Ventilator delivers 600 to 1200 breaths a minute usually to ventilate the person's lungs, at a very fast rate, so instead of huge lung fulls of air 20 to 100 times a minute causing the lungs to open and close the ventilator only delivers tiny breaths, but at a very fast rate so the lungs are ventilated, and nice and oxygenated, BUT they don't have to be put under all that strain. Its commonly used in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for preemature or severly sick infants.
Fred was on the HFOV for two days because the other ventilator he was on caused his lungs to collapse from all the pressure they were put under.
by ventilator98 April 04, 2009
Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
Mr. Arnold: So, who's gay enough to know what 'LASER' stands for?
Crazy Hobo: Oooo--Ooo, me! Raises hand
Mr. Arnold: Yeeess? Raises eyebrow at Hobo
by Food and Drug Administration June 26, 2003
To get incredibly messed up, drunk, shit faced, intoxicated.
This weekend I was completely tasered.
by Lindsur November 24, 2007