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Thesaurus for take off your pants and jacket

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for take off your pants and jacket

One of the best punk rock bands there are
Blink 182 rocks
by fuck the people who hate blink January 28, 2003
Blink-182's 1999 album, Enema of the State. It made fun of the movie Enemy of the State, a popular film earlier that year. It contains the songs Dumpweed, Don't Leave Me, Aliens Exist, Going Away To College, What's My Age Again?, Dysentery Gary, Adam's Song, All the Small Things , The Party Song, Mutt, Wendy Clear, and Anthem.
Guy: Dude, I just bought Blink-182's album Enema of the State!
Other Guy: Nice, I listen to that every day.
by isw12786 April 17, 2007
One of the best punk rock bands there are
Blink 182 rocks
by fuck the people who hate blink January 28, 2003
Originally referred to the Indian prince Siddhartha Gautama who was supposed to have lived in India near the modern border with Nepal and to have become enlighted at the age of 35, but later applied to other people who are supposed to have become enlightened. Gautama's enlightenment was the realisation that the main source of dissatisfaction ('dukkha') was clinging to self, things and desires, which are all empty of independent existence ('sunyata'). Confusion about the nature of things, for example the belief in a separate self is described as 'samsara' and freedom from it as 'nirvana'.

Contrary to common Western belief, Gautama Buddha did not invent the idea of reincarnation (this was the dominant belief at the time) and his philosophy taught liberation from both reincarnation and dependence on worshipping gods. Belief in reincarnation or other metaphysical ideas is unnecessary.
Boy, people have a lot of wrong ideas about Buddha, they even think he was fat, when in fact that was a Chinese monk who later became known as the Laughing Buddha.
by Buddhabing April 11, 2004
A fictional character in the book, Alice in Wonderland. It is always pictured with a wide smile on its face.
by yeah yeah July 21, 2003
a ranch where the owner of it does no work on it. instead he hires people to do the normal work associated with a ranch. george bush likes to play cowboy at his in texas.
george bush has a dude ranch
by david j July 13, 2005
it looks like a net but sterdy and has many uses

it can kill flies by hitting them

it can get stuff under the refrigerator

and it can also be used to spank someone

it can scoop a fish out of the water too
"he didnt have a paddle in the bedroom so she spanked lizzie with a fly swatter."
by kool-aidisabeast October 11, 2009
Markus Allan Hoppus (15 March 1972) is one of the founding members of Calfornia punk-trio Blink 182. In the band he's the bassist and one of the vocalists. The band gained most of their success by their catchy music and immature humour.
Additionally Hoppus is known as the co-owner of clothing company Atticus aswell being part of Plus 44.

Currently he's married to Skye Hoppus and father of 1 (Jack Hoppus).
In 1992, Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Scott Raynor formed a band under the name "Blink".
by Ivar. August 06, 2005
adj. being fully aware that what you are doing, wearing, saying, etc. is something that is not considered "cool" by society, but you don't care and own it anyway. 
It's totally denim to make up your own word and meaning and post it on Urban Dictionary.
by mitchmain April 10, 2007
Wearing jeans simltaneously with a jean jacket.
Nice denim leisure suit.
by SkippyD1 January 19, 2006