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a girlish way of saying bye
anna: "see you tomorrow !"
alice: "bbye"
by deep_blue January 21, 2008
A person with significant attraction and desire for both sexes, both sexually and romantically. (The desire for the two sexes is not necessarily equal.)

Being bi does NOT imply confusion, wanting/having more than one partner, or participation in wild sex orgies.

Short for bisexual.
Emmet is bi; he recently broke up with his girlfriend Tori and is now has a boyfriend named Alex.
by Charlie47 April 30, 2005
a nicer way to say "your f-ing ugly. get out of my face"
Ugly person-"Hey there ;)"
You-" yeah, bye".
by lovely_me November 13, 2003
See ya.
Cya later, Houses.
by MoonKnight November 24, 2002
Internet shorthand for "Got to go". Also, it can mean "good to go", depending on the context.
Good to go:
"Say, I'm heading out. You coming?"

Got to go:
"Shoot, it's almost midnight. gtg."
by Mephianse September 08, 2004
abreviation of "Good Talkin To You". It comes at the end of an email or a conversation. It means "good bye" or "talk to you later" or even the real meaning of the words. It can be GT2Y too :P
just writing to tell u abt my day.
it was awesome :D
so, b-bye
by derson February 20, 2009
A chat expression for "Talk to you later". A modified combination of ttyl and l8r
a: well i gotta run

b: ok I'll t2ul8r
by Mbaxter December 05, 2007