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Thesaurus for steadfast

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for steadfast

A constant is a person in your life who you can always count on and trust... its basically another word for Best friend.
"You are the one constant thing in my life. I can always count on you to be there and not change. I can look to you and know how our lives are going, because you are a solid marker by which to judge things."
by .Keyls May 23, 2010
49 9
These are the people you can trust to have your back all the time, you can close both eyes when sleeping and they got you covered or turn your back on them after handing 'em a knife or gun and not have to worry they will be tempted to use it on you. They will never abandon you.
Its nice to have your loyals around when your fucked up.
by jpg3 October 18, 2011
728 55
Unrelenting, someone who never gives up. Ceaseless.

Note: in no way related to a certain Erich who in fact notably fails at persistence.
Erich, being persistent is not your forte. You give in too easily.
by Never Gives Up April 18, 2011
61 14
Pounding your cranium against an obstacle till your ears hemorrhage and you lose vision due to an unattainable, impractical objective that all others prior to you have failed to accomplish using equivalent techniques.
Man 1: I've been trying to hook up with Lissy for two months now.

Man 2: Dude, she's a lesbian.

Man 1: I'm determined to make her my girl.
by Mark the man Jor Dan July 04, 2008
57 33

Someone who doesn't listen to other people's opinionts. A stubborn person always thinks he's right. Often assosiated with arrogant and acting allknowing. Its the same as obstinate and koppig.

I don't like stubborn people, they always think they're right and don't listen to anything else.
by Jafje April 18, 2007
635 380
Ultra-cool motherfucker.
Dirty Harry; Jules Winnfield; Frank Castle.
by Loner November 17, 2003
3660 1018
As a rule of thumb, it is profoundly unwise to take crack-cocaine. The brain has evolved a truly vicious set of negative feedback mechanisms. Their functional effect is to stop us from being truly happy for long. Nature is cruelly parsimonious with pleasure. The initial short-lived euphoria of a reinforcer as powerful as crack will be followed by a "crash". This involves anxiety, depression, irritability, extreme fatigue and possibly paranoia. Physical health may deteriorate. An intense craving for more cocaine develops. In heavy users, stereotyped compulsive and repetitive patterns of behaviour may occur. So may tactile hallucinations of insects crawling underneath the skin ("formication"). Severe depressive conditions may follow; agitated delirium; and also a syndrome sometimes known as toxic paranoid psychosis. The neural aftereffects of chronic cocaine use include changes in monoamine metabolites and uptake transporters. There is down-regulation of dopamine D2 receptors to compensate for their drug-induced overstimulation. Thus the brain's capacity to experience pleasure is diminished.
He was a normal guy until he started smoking crack, now he is a hustler that sucks dick for $5 to buy another rock.
by reptiles October 04, 2002
5738 1164
Undying and relentless support for an individual or group of individuals, a sentiment that can easily span 86 years.
Yet still we are faithful; to steal the title of a movie that played in New England this past spring, still we believe. Tonight we'll once again fill the old green church of baseball on Lansdowne Street, in some part because it's the only church of baseball on Lansdowne Street, in some part because it's the only church of baseball we have; in large part because--even on mornings like this, when the clean-shaven Yankee Corporate Creed seems to rule the hardball universe--it's still the only church of baseball we can really love. No baseball team has ever come back from a three-games-to-none deficit to win a postseason series, but a couple of hockey teams have done it, and we tell ourselves it has to happen sooner or later for a baseball team, it just has to. We tell ourselves Derek Lowe has one more chance to turn 2004 from tragickal to magickal. We tell ourselves it's just one game at a time. We tell ourselves the impossible can start tonight. -Steven King in FAITHFUL, a chronicle of the 2004 season, on Red Sox fans going into Game 4 of the ALCS
by Mav1744 May 16, 2006
52 67