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Thesaurus for squeam

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Term mostly used in the UK. When one is averse to overt displays of gore and blood, particularly of the kind displayed in violent/teen slasher films/medical dramas, or when subjected to them in real life (e.g. an accident, dissecting an organ in school) is likely to faint or be sick. Can also include dislike and strong desire to avoid images of violence or pain, such as injecting oneself.
I couldn't bear to see that horror movie....I'm far too squeamish!!
by Milflob May 12, 2006
Squeamed is what happens to you when you react to something that makes you squeamish.
I saw that new slasher movie, and it really squeamed me out.
by Cyprus Denton Fekks November 20, 2010
1. Something disgusting and inducing vomit
2. Something or someone lazy or incorrigible
3. stupid
4. Money made over a period of time
1. His vomiting was so gross, it made me vomit.
2. The worker had gross incompetence.
3. The man was gross and oafish.
4. Titanic is the highest grossing film of all time, somehow
by Slof July 13, 2003
A word used to describe a situation when somebody is totally on somebodys elses nuts. When you hear someone who wont get off somebodys tip, you wait for them to finish what they are saying and then say "icky" in a really high pitch voice. It is meant to insenuate the sticky jiz in their throat that they should have from sucking that persons cock.
"Man, Joe is so swole he could bench press a house"
You respond with "icky" in a high pitch voice

by Derrick Jerine April 12, 2007
Putting cream cheese in a girl's cleavage, and then titty-fucking her.
Did you hear? David was totally squeaming with Kesha last night!
by JollyRancherAfrica April 19, 2011
Can be used to describe the vaginal area as juicy/wet. Is best used in conjunction with the word gash.
"Damn! I was tapping some squeamy gash earlier!"
by Kempo April 16, 2006
A small word which can describe a large set of emotions, which usually can be worry, worried, frightened, scared, paranoid, feeling persecuted right up to schizophrenia/paranoid schitzophrenia.

Anxiety, within reason, is just a part of life; everybody experiences at some point. It is connected to the fight or flight syndrome that we, as have all animals, have deep within us, enabling us to survive.

It can become a problem when anxiety takes over most of your feelings and therefore, your life. There are many medical definitions of this state of being, such as generalised anxiety disorder, non-specific anxiety disorder, persecution complex and many more. If necessarry, there are medications/drugs available to help alleviate the symptoms and sometimes tackle the cause of these anxiety states.

If a diagnosis does not include one of the main mental illnesses, then it's often likely people will be prescribed one brand from a group of benzodiazepine drugs: The most well known of these is probably Valium. These drugs are addictive, can cause nasty side effects and long term side effects and, if used for too long can actually make the original problem worse, with paradoxical effects. The withdrawal from this drug can result in some of the worst withdrawal symptoms known, and can last for years.

If prescribed a {benzodiazepine] it should be for no longer than a two week period What has become known as talking cures are a safer, cheaper alternative and can actually do something to help the original problem, rather than just masking it.

In some cases, such as paranoid schitzophrenia drugs, usually anti psychotics, can be of great help and allow the sufferer to live a far more 'normal' life.

Anxiety is just a state of mind, and, even when having a panic attack and it feels as if you may die, emotions are not generally known to kill you.
My palms felt sweaty and I was sure I was going red in the face, as I stood in the line for the bus. I was begining to feel more and more anxious and the more I thought about it, the worse it got. Eventually, the anxiety took control of me and I started to panic. I left the bus stop, ran home and didn't attend the job interview.
by Jimi p August 10, 2006
passing a homeless person on your way to a coin star machine.
the most awkward thing that could happen is passing a homeless person carrying a jar full of change.
by Daniel Palu January 17, 2009
A profoud feeling of aversion, loathing, sickening, and nausea; often the result of seeing, hearing, or tasting something that is offensive.
I felt nothing but disgust when I saw this evening's dinner, knowing that my siblings let the cat on the kitchen counter to sample the food whilst they are fixing dinner.
by OneBadAsp November 05, 2006
Your giving your grandmother a kiss and she slips her tongue in.
oh dear lord that is disgusting!
by superdupercool July 27, 2006